SGP WGC Ranking List

1st Bulletin: The FAI South African SGP - Worcester 21 to 28 Jan 2023
South Africa SGP

The event will be held at the Cape Gliding Club (CGC), flying from the Worcester Airfield (FAWC)
from 21 Jan to 28 Jan 2023. Sat 21 Jan will be a practice day, with the 1st racing day being on 22 Jan.
Prize giving will be on Saturday 28 Jan at 6pm on the airfield.

The WCR management team:

Competition Director: Jason Adriaan
Competition Organiser: Peter Farrell
Safety Officer: Graham Hibbin
Chief Launch Marshall: Alison Navarro
Soaring Spot: Peter Wyld
Weather Forecasting: Ian Forbes, Colin Sindle
Task setting: Markus Geisen
Scrutineering / Admin: Greta Allen

How to Enter:
To enter for this event please go to SGP Registration ( You’ll have to create a
login. Then you will be asked for asked to provide your personal details, your gliders details, and
provide your logger and FLARM details. If you do not have all your details at the time of registering
you will be able to return to the site at a later date.

Entry fees are ZAR 10 000. Banking details are as follows: Please note Entry Fees paid after 31 Dec
2022 will attract a late entry penalty of ZAR 1 000. Please note: you need to send your proof of
Payment to Greta at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bank Details for local payments:
Bank Name: ABSA
Branch Code: 632005
Branch Name: Worcester
Acc No: 1219500609

Bank Details for International payments:
Cape Gliding Club
Account NR 1219500609
Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (add CCT if more numbers are required)
Sort code:ZA632005
Account type: CURRENT /CHEQUE
Please check South Africa SGP regularly for Bulletins and more information

Safety Briefing:
There will be a mandatory safety briefing on Sat 21 Jan at 6pm in Chris Hughes’ Hangar. Registration
and scrutineering of required documentation by Greta will take place before the safety briefing.
Please submit your documentation by email to Greta to save time at the safety briefing, her email
address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Daily briefings will be held in Chris’ hangar at 10 am consisting of the usual Weather, Tasks, Safety
issues and previous day’s winners. Tasks will be distributed on WhatsApp daily. Two WhatsApp
groups will be set up. Firstly, a general group for 2-way discussion called ‘SGP News’ and secondly a
broadcast group (one-way traffic only) for distribution of tasks and briefings called ‘SGP Tasks’ These
WhatsApp groups will become the primary / official communication medium between SGP
management and contestants. Once these groups are in place, please let us know if you need any
crew etc added to the groups.

Air Space, Waypoints, FLARM and Radio Frequencies:
Links to airspace and waypoints file will be loaded to Soaring Spot by 1 Jan 2023 We will be using the
airfield radio frequency of 124.800 Mhz and a Competition frequency of 123.400 Mhz
Flarm: As we will be flying most of the tasks on the ridges FLARM is mandatory for WCR and you
must have updated your FLARM software within the last year. Further, you are required to register
your FLARM device on OGN here: This will be used for tracking, for
ensuring you have a FLARM, that it is switched on, for Safety reasons and, Recording flight times.
If you are not from CGC, to add your Flarm details to the OGN Devices database, create an account
here: and "Add Device" for each of your planes' Flarms (or
PilotAware / FANET / OGN) devices. After 24 hours or so, your correct planes' registrations should
start showing up (on glider tracker websites, KTRAX, OGN Viewer, etc.)
If you get an " This device is already registered" message and the OGN database shows the
registration as ZS-XXXN or similar, then please contact Colin on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if the details are
incorrect or you want him to remove it from the CGC account. Alternatively, send him the plane
type, proper registration, and CN number.

Worcester Magic

Please read the two published documents below regarding soaring the Worcester ridges. It’ll give
you a good idea of some of the ‘secrets’ to increasing your speed, as well as getting home safely.
And, of course, experiencing what has come to be known and the ‘Worcester Magic’
Basic procedures for ridge flying around Worcester
Ridge running from Worcester. Further and faster

SSSA Membership and FAI licences:
As this SGP is registered for IGC ranking event, you are required to have paid your SSSA membership
fees (SA residents only) and to have an FAI licence, but you do need to pay their SSSA membership
fees beforehand.
For local SA pilots, a note from Carol: SSSA fees for pilots is R1530 and the FAI licence is an additional
R380, so totals R1910. Please also provide Carol with your license number as FAI will not issue the
licence without it. Please make your payments to SSSA, Standard Bank, a/c 022 529 373 and put your
name as the reference – then send your proof of payment and pilot licence number to Carol Clifford
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For foreign visiting pilots: You will have to pay SSSA membership fees of ZAR 800 and have your
license ‘Validated’ if you are flying a locally registered plane. You will also need to produce your FAI
license. The SSSA bank account for SSSA fees is: Soaring Society of SA, Standard Bank 022 529 373,
SWIFT SBZAZJJ Please send your proof of payment to Carol as above

Accomodation, Meals & Drinks:
Hangarage and accommodation: Camping is available on the airfield and some accommodation, at
this stage it is fully booked up but there may be cancellations. There are several B&B’s available in
the area, for more information on these options please contact Greta on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Breakfast, dinner and takeaways are available. Michel will do cooked breakfast up to mid-morning
every day in Chris’s hangar where you will be able to do a sit-down meal or, get a takeaway
breakfast. In the evenings Braai Packs will be available for those who want to braai on the airfield.
Alcohol will be available in the clubhouse. This will be run on an honesty system - there will be a tick
list on the bar fridge where you can enter your name and record you purchases. Your braai packs will
be available on the same basis on the same fridge.

A final bulletin with rules, airspace and turn point files, airfield procedures, official contact numbers,
etc will be sent in the weeks leading up to SGP.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Cape Gauntlet

That’s all for now but please make sure you check Soaring Spot regularly for any news and updates

Peter Farrell