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SJ in Worcester

Worcester is Heating up!

With just less than two months to go, the preparations for the up-and-coming Sailplane Grand Prix that will be held at Worcester, South Africa, are in full swing. Entries are filling up quickly and closing by the 15th of December 2022. To submit your entry, go to:

Recently, some of the club members at Worcester have given us a taste of what can be expected when the competition takes off next January. On the 18th of November 2022, three 1000km flights were done at speeds of 130kph. Weglide 3 x 1000km 

These flights were early in the season, and from now on, Worcester will keep up and even surpass more commercial sites like Bitterwasser. We expect pilots to easily fly 750km in 4.5 hours on a good day. Yes, that is more than 160kph.

Earlier this week, some containers also arrived at Worcester, and the German owners did not waste any time to get flying. Julia Steinle did a 770km flight with Reinhard Schramme
In their Arcus M.

Keep an eye on the Weglide page for Worcester: Weglide